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"Slow is efficient. Efficient is fast. Slow is fast."


Management Assurance

Trusted Advisors

E3...who are we? Well for starters, we're not a billion dollar firm wearing the same stuffy uniform. You know the type. Instead of the old business-as-usual, E3 brings a dedicated group of like-minded individuals from all walks of life, embarking on the same mission: helping you become an expert in effectiveness and efficiency. With over a hundred years of combined experience in federal financial management solutions, internal control, and risk management, our Management Assurance Practice is led by the best and brightest. We focus with laser precision on streamlining unnecessary and inefficient activities with our reconciliation tools, helping you reprogram funds to other needed programs, so you can do more of what you do best; keep our country running. (In fact, our reconciliation tools are designed to condense three-hour tasks into a half hour or less, while working seamlessly within your existing software programs). We are a passionate, experienced, and energetic bunch bringing fresh ideas and strategies in:

  • Federal Financial Management 

  • Reconciliation Analysis

  • Reconciliation Support

  • Customized Reconciliation Tools

  • UDO/ULO Resolution Support

  • Administrative & Management Support

  • Internal Control & Risk Assessments

  • Enterprise Risk Management & Analysis

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