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Accelerate Performance

Strategic Planning & Performance

Our strategic planning solutions begin with a human capital management framework. Our teams work to lead strategic planning sessions, and help develop and identify strategic initiatives through an enterprise-level lens. There are many thought leaders, methodologies, and practices built around alignment of strategic goals to performance. We put the pieces together to figure out which is best for you and your organization. Our services include:​

  • Operational Assessment & Analysis

    • Current State Assessments

    • Future State Roadmaps

    • Visioning

    • KPIs

  • Robust Strategy Reviews

    • Verify and Validate existing strategy

    • Identify performance metrics

  • Strategy Execution Management

    • Where Design Meets Management

  • Continuous Refinement

    • Competency modeling

    • Competency assessments

    • Employee development

    • Recruitment/Force Management

    • Performance Management

    • Succession Planning

  • Force Management

  • Workforce Analysis & Planning

  • Our TOOLS

    • Agile strategy development

    • Balanced Scorecard

    • Jamieson’s OD Model

    • Franklin Covey’s 4DX Model

    • Environmental Scanning

    • SWOT Analysis

    • Appreciative Inquiry

    • Six Sigma

    • LEAN

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