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Why E3?

My organization is struggling in a changing environment. Can you help us stay relevant?

In a nutshell, absolutely. E3 specializes in consultative advisory services on a range of organizational effectiveness solutions; including human capital & strategic planning (think millennial recruitment, avoiding institutional knowledge leak, or anything in between); management assurance; risk management; and financial management. We use industry-proven methodologies and tools to analyze, interpret, implement, and execute.

How do I know that E3 are the right consultants for me?
How are you different?

Since opening our doors, we are proud to say we have built a loyal and long-term client base. Our E3 Advantage™, the benchmark of our consultancy, dictates how we engage with clients. Using a hybrid model of three accepted consulting methodologies: Doctor-Patient, Purchase of Expertise, and Process Consultation, we adapt to our engagements because we fully understand your challenges - and how to solve them - to begin with.

How do you customize your services for niche organizations? My culture/office/staff are different than anything you've seen.

This is a very common question. Wait, you mean everyone doesn't have a, "This is Why We're Different" handbook? Because you likely don't, our staff are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to suss out what makes YOU so different. Whether you're a federal agency or a private company, your organizational nuances are captured somewhere. We find where that somewhere is: a member of your team who is a lifer; groups of employees with domain expertise; leadership; and by simply asking questions, then shutting up to listen. We're proud to serve our clients, whatever their distinctive makeup. By the way, if you need that handbook, we can help there too :)

It looks like E3 specializes in public sector services and solutions. How do you help the private sector?

Great question! Besides helping government agencies become more effective and efficient, E3 advises commercial companies and government partners on a wide range of services, including the ones you've learned about, as well as government contracting consulting services. We help our clients manage and optimize business processes, recommend new ways of approaching the federal space; and advise on becoming a better all-around partner to the federal government. In addition to supporting the government, we love working with the private sector, taking best practices and lessons learned from each to shape our engagement methodologies.


"None of us is as smart as all of us."