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Capture Management

Capture Management is a role, not a position. Sometimes, Business Development or sales take on the role of capture for a specific opportunity, or sometimes there is a designated capture manager. Either way, capture bridges the gap between Business Development and Bid & Proposal. Our team helps you implement your go-to market strategy, analyze competition, pit your quals against the government requirements, and most of all, understand and articulate customer pain points relative to your capabilities. Our capture consultants provide:

  • Account Strategy

  • Opportunity Strategy 

  • Personnel Strategy

  • SWOT Analyses

  • Competitor Analyses

  • Balance of Power Charts

  • Acquisition Strategy 

  • Solutioning Support

  • Price to Win

  • Win Themes/Messaging

  • Orals Coaching

  • White Paper Construction

  • Call Plan Execution

  • Gate Reviews

  • Relationship Management

Capture Management: Service

"Everyone must choose between two pains...the pain of discipline or the pain of regret."

Capture Management: Quote
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